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Your Local Yard Sales. Your Place, Your Stuff You Need To Sell.

In order to avoid those "bots" which search for phone numbers and e-mail addresses, we do things strangely to throw them off.


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CA admin guy 480
For now, please contact Ray listed here. He'll answer his phone as Pegasus Satellite because that is his phone number.
The second phone is a "magic jack" phone. It is not as constantly monitored as PS&E's phone, so the choice is yours to call to any questions or issues.
No Solicitors.
Chino Acres is locally owned and operated by a regular Joe just like you. Advertisers are also local people. It's all about us locals.

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Pegasus Satellite & Electronics

Med. Rt. Col.

We don't do "flash" or "pop-ups" because we find it to annoy people trying to read.
Actually, I hate them myself, and Google-ads. I do not intend to "sell-out" like that.