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Your Local Yard Sales. Your Place, Your Stuff You Need To Sell.

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So you would like to get more out of your sales from places like Craig's List, perhaps ebay, or some place that lets you do only one post at a time? Here you can post your pics and place a link for people looking at one of your listings, so they can come here to see all of what you have to offer. Or never mind the other guys and come here anyway. Your listing is for your stuff, all your stuff together.

The people and/or vendors below have listings on such sites, but want to have a grouping of additional items for people to see, to get more products to people's eyes when they want to see them. Perhaps you have many items spread on many listings, but on each listing, you send them here to see all you have in one place.

We can list such "pages" of your pictures for a nominal fee as you can see by these people listing here now. Special thanks going out to Pegasus Satellite for their assistance in this web-site.

This site is for new or used items that are of a "not used by me anymore" nature. We will not list items for businesses indicating sales promotions that are basically solicitations. The products are to be considered "used", "obsolete" perhaps- "I bought it, and never used it"..., You get my drift.

Let me point out that we are just starting this out. We have no "paid preparers" for web-building, money is tight, so automation isn't going to happen in the next few days or even weeks. We are just regular Joes trying to do with what we have. The only professionals here may be in the listings by businesses below.
Do you want a picture of an advisement of/for your web-site? Advertise with us in the right hand column.


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Chino Acres is locally owned and operated by a regular Joe just like you. Advertisers are also local people. It's all about us locals.

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We don't do "flash" or "pop-ups" because we find it to annoy people trying to read.
Actually, I hate them myself, and Google-ads. I do not intend to "sell-out" like that.